Case for Raspberry Pi 3 / 3.5" Touchscreen

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  • Works with Raspberry Pi 3 (and B+) & Waveshare 3.5", RPi LCD (B), 320x480, IPS, screen
  • All RPi ports are accessible!
  • Stable base => Very practical for touchscreen applications
  • Very easy to assemble => Comes with screws and rubber stick-on feet
  • Screws stabilize the RPi internally, making the unit more stable when touching the screen, and plugging in accessories

NOTE: This case is designed specifically for a Raspberry Pi 3 (including B+) with a Waveshare 3.5", RPi LCD (B), 320x480, IPS, screen. It will not work with other Raspberry Pi models, and may not fit other touchscreens (we have only tested with the one listed above). The Raspberry Pi 3 and Touchscreen are NOT included. This is the plastic enclosure only. 

The most stylish way to show off your Raspberry Pi 3.5" touchscreen project! This injection molded plastic enclosure is made specifically to house a Raspberry Pi 3 board along with a 3.5" touchscreen. Components include: Enclosure (2 parts: front and back, grey-black plastic), screws for assembly, and stick-on "feet" for the bottom of the enclosure. All your RPi 3 ports will be accessible in this gorgeous case.

The design is optimized so you can screw the RPi in place. This keeps the Pi stable within the enclosure when you are using the touchscreen, or are plugging/unplugging accessories.